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The Race Republic Everest Climb costs $12.99 per month to register. This registration gives you 24/7 access to climb on Mount Everest, cancel at any time.

Yes, Race Republic has partnered with www.everesting.cc in order to bring you the most realistic virtual Everest experience possible.

You sure can! Riding 29,032 ft is a lot of climbing so we’ve built in a pause feature that allows you to save your progress and then pick back up where you left off whenever you want. Another interesting feature of the Race Republic Everest Climb is that if 29,032 ft is too much climbing to tackle now, you may also climb lower elevations or warm up for your Everest Climb

The Race Republic Everest Climb is a 50 mile or 100 mile in length climb and averages a 12% ascent grade for the 50 mile course and 6% grade for the 100 mile course. There are no downhills on the 50 mile or 100 mile climb. Along the way you’ll be able to take in breathtaking views of the highest mountain range on Earth.

While we believe that anything is possible, the pitch, grade and terrain of Mt Everest is not ideal for a road or even a mountain bike. So no, you’re not really riding up the real Mt. Everest. What we have designed is a course that is manageable on a road bike that goes around Mt. Everest twice and then up the south pass to the summit. Again, in the real world this wouldn’t be possible on a road bike but thanks to our technology, we’ve made it a reality.

Great question! This will vary drastically by individual. Because there is no downhill on the Race Republic Everest Climb average ride times should be faster than climbs where you have to ride downhill. But that lack of downhill also removes recovery time. Pro cyclists should be able to manage our course in 7 hours or less. Everyday riders in good physical condition may take 10 hours or longer. It all depends on you…

Yes, you do. The Race Republic Everest Climb requires that you sync your bicycle on a smart trainer that utilizes the industry standard Fitness Machine Service over Bluetooth like a Wahoo Kicker. This allows us to show you your watts, speed, time, distance, ascent, cadence, heart rate and more. Heart rate requires a heart rate monitor device.

Race Republic offers a free 15 minute test of our app. Simply download the app, follow the instructions provided after the download and make sure (very important!) you update your smart trainers firmware prior to the test. If you can successfully sync your smart trainer to the Race Republic app for the free 15 minute test, you can register and participate in the full 29,032 foot climb. If you can NOT sync your smart trainer to the Race Republic app for the free 15 minute test, please DO NOT register for the event. And remember, we do not offer registration refunds so please utilize the free test prior to registration. Email us with any questions.

Well, there’s a few. The Race Republic Everest Climb allows you to take the guesswork out of your Everest Climb. You can know when you participate in our climb that you will have to travel exactly 50 miles or 100 miles at a 6% or 12% average incline to accomplish your goal. There is no downhill on our climb so all of your energy can be put to work in climbing. A 6% grade is also a doable grade for many fit people.
Participating in the Race Republic Everest Climb on a smart trainer also provides the safety of riding in your home with no tire flats, dogs, cats or cars to run into. Not to mention that it’s nice to have your own restroom and refrigerator near by. You’ll be burning some serious calories.

Race Republic works with smart trainers implementing the industry standard Fitness Machine Service Protocol or FTMS via bluetooth or the FE-C specification via Ant+. Our systems are developed with Wahoo smart trainers and equipment. We offer a free 15 minute download and test to allow everyone the opportunity to test on your smart trainer to ensure that works prior to purchasing. Please test before purchasing. There are no refunds.
Our programming engineers are constantly working on updates. New versions of our app are released regularly. If you have questions about your trainer after you have run the test download, please email us.

Our Race Republic SHOP will be opening soon where participants may purchase Finisher Medals, T-shirts and other Everest items.

It’s pretty simple, once you register you enter your Strava information on the home screen. Once your Everest Climb activity is complete your activity will automatically sync with Strava. The Race Republic Everest Climb is the ONLY cycling event that is actually on Mount Everest (even though you’re really not.)
Please also know that Strava uploads are only available for registered users. You cannot upload to Strava with the 15 minute free test.